Fresh Homemade Fudge


Everyday Favorites:

Ameretto Chocolate Swirl      Cappuccino      Chocolate      Chocolate Maple Swirl

Chocolate Mint Swirl           Chocolate Orange Swirl          Chocolate Vanilla Swirl

Chocolate Walnut              Heavenly Goo              Maple              Maple Walnut

Peanut Butter Chocolate               Rolo               Skor               Vanilla Caramel

More Favourites:

Chewy Praline      Chocolate Coconut      Chocolate Marshmallow      Chocolate Skor

Cookies & Cream      Creamsicle      Dark Chocolate      Dark Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt

Mochachino      Penuchi      Penuchi Walnut      Rocky Road      Snickers      Vunderbar

Seasonal Favorites:

Candy Cane      Cranberry      Cranberry Walnut      Eggnog      Irish Cream

Pumpkin Pie      Pumpkin Pie Walnut     

Fudge Care Instructions

Our fresh homemade fudge will stay fresh up to 4 weeks if stored at room temperature. Placing our fudge in the refrigerator will reduce freshness. Fudge shelf life can be extended up to 1 year by placing in the freezer. If freezing fudge, cover with both a plastic & foil wrap. When removing fudge from freezer it must be thawed while still inside both wraps. Please note, thawing fudge while still wrapped keeps it moist & fresh.